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The main purpose of alpine motorcycle jackets is to protect the rider. The motorcycle gear that is most commonly used are protective motorcycle clothing that consists of a motorcycle jacket, gloves, leather chaps, motorcycle boots and helmet. Alpine jackets provide the rider with the best possible protection from the cold and also acts as a wind breaker, this is why of alpine motorcycle jackets are desired so popular among motorcycle riders. The aesthetic appeal of these jackets also is one of the reasons why most riders wear leather jackets.

History & different types of jackets

Leather jackets started gaining popularity in the 1940’s; it became popular after the release of the well known movie “The Wild One” in which Marlon Brando wears a leather jacket. Protective leather jackets mainly cover and provide protection to the users arms and torso. Of late leather jackets have evolved into an efficient and modern product meant for motorcycle riders. The latest Alpine jackets come equipped with shoulder, back bone and elbow protections; protective gear has been stitched in the insides of the leather jacket and is not even heavy. Various different types of jackets are available in stores, but there are mainly two types of leather protective gears, one is the one-piece suits usually worn by motorcycle racers mainly for protection in the event of a crash. The leather that is used in the making of these protective gears is protective leather and not fashion leather, these are stronger much tougher and moderately flexible. The leather and joins are officially tested for ergonomics and cut tear and hurt resistance. The other type is the traditional two-piece jackets and trouser kind of leathers.

Making of Motorcycle jackets

Kangaroo leather is being used in the making of these jackets since these are supple, light in weight and stronger as compared to cowhide. The most common motorcycle jacket used by majority of motorists is the zippered types which have multiple pockets and are short. Modern fashionable leather jackets are made from sheep skin. These jackets are water resistant and have a liner fitted on them. There also is an alternative to these jackets and that is clothing constructed from manmade textiles. Such jackets offer better protection from cold, heat and rain. Materials like Cordura which is a high density ballistic nylon and Kelvar are used commonly in the making of such jackets. Alpine motorcycle jackets are considered as one of the best riding jackets, which are very useful and also last really long.

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Alpine Motorcycle Jackets

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This article was published on 2012/03/29