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There are certain brands of clothing that just want to keep it as rough as possible, brands that stick to provocative designs and anti-social attitude. Of course not everyone is fit to wear their clothing, but it is definitely thing for people who are involved in urban culture and interested in speaking their ideas out loud. People, who still support illegal graffiti and stickers, people who stick to the old values formed by the pioneers of the genre. In this article we will take a look at some of the aggressive brands.

Rogue Status is a US brand established in 2005 and based on anti-establishment principles. In its designs the label creates controversy and shows things that not all people want to see. It is truly a protesting label that must be worn with an understanding of what do you have on your t-shirt. The designers use familiar images and manage to fuse them into something new and still keep the main idea, like this Politricks tee. Some of the clothing carries a really aggressive attitude which by the way is included into both Rogue Status clothing and Rogue Status accessories. The brand offers a wide range of clothing with different designs but united under the same idea of protesting and speaking out loud. In addition to their visual protesting Rogue Status also donates a part of their income to serving American soldiers, helping them to stay in touch with their families. So this is a brand that is not just about words.

DTA Clothing (Don't Trust Anyone) is also a protesting brand from US closely related to Rogue Status. Their designs are mainly provocative against government propaganda, violence and aggression. They often use familiar symbols and logos but change them so they can carry a different message. For example this Crest t-shirt has an eagle compiled of guns which symbolizes the aggression and violence of the official government structures.

Of course today hip-hop culture is largely accepted and commercialized and due to these factors the culture almost lost its edginess and protest. So at this point it is great that such brands as Rogue Status, DT and crews like Wild Ones support the real oppositional values and return urban culture to its rebellious roots. It is a new living and breathing underground and you can also become a part of it by expression your views and disagreement at least through your clothing.

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In terms of principles & outlook in life, that is, I guess, I am a strong willed person and that i am the type who "doesn't go with the flow". I have always been a believer of the paradigm that i don't have to do a thing just because everybody is doing it. I value moral fiber and good sense of virtue.

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Badass Clothing

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This article was published on 2010/10/26