Darth Vader Suit – Men Will Know That Star Wars Darth Vader's Suit is One of the Best Costumes

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Have you got a fancy dress ball to go to? Or maybe you are looking for mens Halloween costume ideas? Or better still are you a bit of a Star Wars fan? If any of those apply, then I think that I have the perfect costume solution for you in the form of a Darth Vader suit. If you really want to make an entrance you will have no problem whatsoever wearing this awesome outfit.

It makes a great change to find something for guys to wear that does not make you look like you had a mishap in the kids dressing up box or like a bloke wearing his wifes tights, you know what I mean. It always starts off sounding like a good idea but somehow you can end up looking just plain silly and fall way short in nailing the effect you were trying to achieve.

I am pretty convinced that once you take a look at a Darth Vader suit you will be blown away by just authentic it is. I can imagine that the dark side will become very appealing, for sure. What with that cape, intimidating mask, voice and light saber you will be all set to convert as many Jedi as you can get your hands on.

The idea of dressing up for Halloween in particular has its traditions steeped in ancient Celtic history as they believed that both good and bad spirits crossed from their world into ours at this time of year. In an effort to keep the bad ones away they adopted the scary and frightening costumes to help them do this. So, it is all about deterring evil with evil, not embracing it (which has been a theory that has been used in the past by the odd party pooper).

Of course, over time and with some amazing influences from film, theatre, TV and music we have let our imaginations have free rein and now anything really is acceptable as an outfit. So, whether grotesque, ghoulish, gorgeous or glam it does not matter and to be honest, I think that it is just fantastic to be able to express yourself in whichever way you feel most comfortable.

It is not often that you get the chance to let your hair down and nobody blinks an eye and with everybody joining in the celebrations it makes it so much better. The only problem can be getting lost in the huge carnival type mix of costumes that we see out trick or treating( or at your fancy dress party) so, to be able to really stand out and make an impact has to be such a good feeling.

With visual effectiveness in mind I really think that by wearing a Darth Vader suit you will  attract more than your fair share of attention and with one swish of your light saber you can keep the bad guys out of your way no problems. Why not take a look and let the dark side be with you for just the one evening at least?

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Darth Vader Suit – Men Will Know That Star Wars Darth Vader's Suit is One of the Best Costumes

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Darth Vader Suit – Men Will Know That Star Wars Darth Vader's Suit is One of the Best Costumes

This article was published on 2010/10/20