Finding the Perfect Necktie

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A necktie is a significant accessory for a man’s complete wardrobe. Through the versatility of this simple object, a man’s personality, taste, style and even social status can be reflected in a well-chosen necktie. A necktie should never be an afterthought, but a well-planned purchase. There is really no such thing as the “perfect” necktie, because one necktie is never enough! Here are several factors to consider when finding the perfect necktie:

Personal Attributes

It is essential to always choose a necktie that is complementary to your own physical characteristics. Always consider skin tone, eye color, and hair color. Choose a necktie that is suited to the proportion of your height and weight. The length and the width of the necktie can help to create better framing for your particular body type--the wrong necktie can accentuate negative characteristics.

Style Factors

Men who desire to appear at their professional best would do well to have a stylish set of eight to twelve high quality, yet versatile neckties. These neckties should not be outlandish in appearance, but rather complement the overall wardrobe. After all, if all that can be seen is the necktie, it actually works against your style goals.

Go for very basic colors that fit within your individual color palette. Basic blacks, blues, and reds are always a good start for a basic necktie set. Designs on neckties, such as business or sports icons, should be subdued and not prominent.

The Right Tie for the Right Time

Because of the versatility of the necktie, it can often be tempting to use a favorite tie for any occasion. Once again, not every necktie is perfect for every activity. Formal events require a necktie that signifies social status, whereas casual events allow for the user to reflect more individual personality and choice. Always remember that the purpose of the necktie is to draw attention to YOU, not to your wardrobe!


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Finding the Perfect Necktie

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Finding the Perfect Necktie

This article was published on 2011/01/26