How to Distinguish Between the Authentic and Replica Chanel Handbag?

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In spite of famous women like Nicole Kidman trying to educate people about replica Chanel, counterfeiting is still a big pain in the neck both for Chanel and for your government. One of the reasons is, people not knowing how to identify fakes. Here are some guidelines to help you spot them.

The Price Tag – To buy an authentic Chanel Handbag, you’ll have to shell out somewhere between £500 and £3,000 pounds. Anything, below this price range is probably a knock-off unless it is a used one being auctioned off. The cost of a used Chanel bag that has been maintained well will be around 50% of the cost of an authentic one. Counterfeiters sometimes call their bags Chanel mirror images and all kinds of absurd names to lure gullible customers. The bag is either Chanel or it isn’t. So, don’t let anyone hoodwink you with semantics. But the cost is not all. There are other clues.

The Chanel Logo – The next thing to come under your radar should be the logo – the interlocked C’s. The presence of the logo by itself is not sufficient to authenticate a bag as a Chanel bag. Scrutinize them carefully. The 2 Cs are 300º arcs. The width and the height of each ‘C’ are in the ratio of 3:5. Chunkier or elongated Cs are a clue that the bag is a counterfeit. You’ll find the logo on the zipper pull as well. This is a minor detail that most manufacturers of Chanel replica overlook.

The Material, Authenticity Card and Serial Number

The type of leather used in making Chanel handbags is calfskin. You won’t find any snakeskin, lambskin or alligator skin handbags made by Chanel. Not everyone can identify the different kinds of leather. Chances are the vendors selling fake Chanel are not aware that Chanel uses only calfskin. So, you can ask about the type of leather used and draw your conclusions based on the answer. Every Chanel handbag comes with an authenticity card. If the vendor claims that the card is lost, you can translate it to the bag is a counterfeit. The card is always black and the letters and trim are gold. If the coating layer shows signs of peeling, the bag is not authentic. All Chanel products have serial numbers. The number on the authenticity card and the product should match. If there is no card, don’t buy the bag even if the vendor promises to find it at the earliest and send it to you.

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How to Distinguish Between the Authentic and Replica Chanel Handbag?

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How to Distinguish Between the Authentic and Replica Chanel Handbag?

This article was published on 2012/03/22