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Military clothing, every day loyal folk who served in many regiments deserve to wear military garments.  Many people fought in great wars so we could have a better future and live a peaceful Life. why? because they care and they are brave people be it R A F ,marine's or Para's, all these regiments help secure a better future for us .

Everyday I look at military shows and reunion clubs all wearing with pride military embroidered clothing wearing  their special regimental badges. Family and friends all show their support by wearing such items  mostly veterans logos which are the best this shows great support for many regiments.

People from all nations who attend clubs or special reunions basically, anyone who served in the Armed Forces where there is something related to their regiments , regimental badge on their blazer or some kind of keepsake  to remind them of the times that they served in the Forces.

Many people who have had relatives or friends who show respect by wearing military clothing. Regiments are very large be it Para's, Marine's, R A F , British Army all deserve to wear such clothing as they have a great respect for their regiments attending special reunions and military shows and paying such loyal respect to our fallen heroes who have given up their life so we could have  a better future.We must admire all their family who they have left with such pleasant memories .

I have such respect for the old comrades who you see on television or out and about their wheelchair still showing such respect for out fallen heroes and for all our injured soldiers I see them all wearing military clothing, some with a special medal they have gained and some with military clothing showing the special regiment they so much loved.Some wear a blazer badge showing  their chosen regiment after serving many years.

Lets support these people who deserve respect and loyalty by wearing military clothing worn by military people , families and friends to show respect these people who help us have a better peaceful future . Military clothing

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military clothing

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military clothing

This article was published on 2011/03/01