Planning the Perfect Prom

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If you are on the prom committee, you know that a lot of expectations have fallen upon you. Not only do you need this to be a successful dance, but you also know it is up to you to make this a night that will never be forgotten. While all the girls go and shop for prom dresses together, you’re probably going to be spending the majority of your time planning color schemes, streamer designs and talking to all kinds of DJs that fall on the pre-approved checklist.

Whether or not you are a natural party planner, you should not get too worried about the success of this night. Remember that you are not just trying to arrange a prom for your fellow classmates, this is your prom too and you deserve to have fun while planning it.

While you may have to opt out of the shopping spree for prom dresses with your friends, you should not let yourself get too wrapped up on how the night will be for others that you forget to do some stuff for yourself as well. If you don’t have time to go from store-to-store searching for the perfect dress, don’t worry. You live in a global world where every store and beyond are located right at your computer screen. Even stores like Prom Runway, provide a wide range of designer prom dresses that will be the cherry on top of your perfect prom night.

Realistically, what will be memorable at the end are the people they share the experience with. It is still important though to make the atmosphere special. Make sure you decorate in an appealing fashion that does not overpower the room too much. Streamers or balloons should be used, not both. Make sure if strobe lights are used, they aren’t too bright. Subtle is always more elegant, and if there is anything a prom needs to be, it is elegant.

Know too, that just because a prom is elegant, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have some funk as well. You do not want to have a prom that is too stiff, and we live in a time when geek is chic so don’t be afraid to design outside the box. Funky designs that compliment the dance’s theme may bring something extra to the atmosphere.

Some themes take more preparation than others. Depending on the resources your school provided, this may be where all the stress lies. The best way to prepare for the prom theme is to act as a capitalist society. It may sound weird, but it is effective. Vote for a leader, strategize, divide and conquer. This is the only way things will get done successfully and smoothly. Make sure people who work together on a particular project get along well, but not so well that nothing gets done. Whatever happens, do not let yourself get bullied into doing most of the work. Being a leader is hard work, and some are better than others. If you have some trouble with confrontation, find a friend who is a little better to co-lead with you.

At the end of the day, planning the prom should be just as fun as being at the prom. For those who like party planning and are creative, this should be your bread and butter gig, which means you shouldn’t spend too much time stressing, because it is going to be an amazing event!


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While most girls look forward to their prom night by shopping for designer prom dresses in stores or online at places like Prom Runway, those on the prom committee may look forward to spending some memorable moments putting the magical night together.

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Planning the Perfect Prom

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This article was published on 2012/03/01