Restyling Clothing Items And Sweaters

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Your wardrobe cabinet is packed with clothes: tops, jeans, lingerie, bikinis, jackets, and sweaters. Your clothing list is endless, but you still feel you lack clothes. Have you ever felt you have run out of items on your closet?

Professional fashion stylists recommend acquiring pieces of classic wear. Classic clothing pieces can be restyled and remodeled. In fashion, restyling and remodeling are essential practices. When you restyle and remodel, you alter a clothes original style. For instance, you restyle a black cardigan by putting accents like belts and brooches. This enables you to use a clothing item repetitively. Most importantly, you can wear a clothing piece in different ways and modes.

Classic clothing pieces are timeless. Examples of these are monochromatic dresses, tank tops, classic jeans, black slacks, and simple blouses. Classic items are adaptable and flexible. You can match them with any clothing item. A good example of classic clothing item is a cashmere cardigan or sweater. They can be worn with an undershirt, belt, or accessory. Cashmere sweaters can be worn in three ways.

Cardigan with belt around the waist or hips

A belted cardigan can be word in two ways. These are unbuttoned cardigan and button-up style. In unbuttoned cardigan, you let the edges hang loose. To do this, buckle the belt on your waistline. Let the edge of the top flow on the sides. Unbuttoned cardigans, like Minnie Rose sweaters, flow smoothly and gracefully when you move. On the other hand, button-up styles creates a fitted and sleek look. For button-up style, tuck the cardigan edge on your jeans or slacks. Loosen up a little fabric from the tuck-in.

Cardigan with a brooch on top

Womens boutiques, such as Minnie Rose clothing, have pre-styled cardigans. One of their pre-styled items is the brooch-top. A brooch can be placed in three ways. You can wear it on either side of the chest, or you can wear it to close the sweater. A cardigan with brooch appears vintage, romantic, and womanly. A brooch serves as an accent for cardigan tops.

Cardigan matched with a Skirt

Moreover, cardigans can be worn with a snugly fitting skirt. Tuck your cardigans in the skirt waistline. You can wear a tiered skirt, ruffled skirt, or sexy pencil skirt. This gives you a 1950s Soft Joie look.
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Restyling Clothing Items And Sweaters

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This article was published on 2011/01/24