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Camping is a fun and exciting hobby that many people enjoy. During the winter, it is important that you take right items with you in order for your trip to be fun. Winter outdoor clothing is necessary if hiking or camping during the cold months of the year. The right supplies designed for cold temperatures are also necessary.

Packing the right camping clothes is very important if you want to have fun on your trip when outside the tent. Not being able to stay warm while in the woods can make even the most outdoor loving person miserable. The best tip to remember is to layer your outfits. Wearing one thick layer is never as warm or beneficial as having two to three thinner layers.

It is a good idea for the layer of clothing next to your skin to be a thin material that is designed to remove sweat from the body. Cotton clothing will do this well, and there are other materials made specifically for this purpose. The second layer should be made of a thick material to trap in your body heat. The outermost layer needs to be wind and water resistant to keep you warm as well as dry.

Other than your winter outdoor clothing, there are a few accessories that you should wear to stay warm. Heat escapes quickly through the head, so keep it covered while camping to stay warm. Wearing a fleece lined hat that covers the ears will work best. Also, your feet can become uncomfortable if allowed to get cold or wet. It is important to wear special socks that are designed for being in the woods for a long period of time. Finally, for your hands, you will want to get a couple pairs of gloves to layer. As with the clothing, the inner pair can be thin while the outer pair should be thick and made to insulate.

Inside the tent, it is vital to have the right sleeping bag and pad. This is just as important as taking the right type of camping clothes. Not all sleeping bags are created equal. Most come with temperature ratings that will help you choose the right one for the conditions in which it will be used. In the winter, you will want a sleeping bag that has been rated low for cold temperatures. This will help you to stay warmer when in your tent at night. Bringing a sleeping pad along will help to keep you from making direct contact with the ground, which will assist your bag in staying warm and dry.

As you can see, there are proper supplies that you should pack when deciding to go camping or hiking during the winter. Winter outdoor clothing will be most beneficial in keeping you warm. The right sleeping bags will also ensure you sleep well by assisting you in staying warm and dry while lying on the ground.
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Winter Outdoor Clothing

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This article was published on 2011/02/08